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Want to Learn How to Fly?

Here's an Amazing Opportunity to get into it...

And with *minimal* investment on your part!

I realize you're having those dreams

but you don't really KNOW


if Paragliding is for you...

But I can tell you,


it's so much MORE than you can imagine at this point.

That's why I want to SHOW you this magic personally

and BEFORE you would commit to Gear and Lessons!

Book a Tandem Flight with me, Jordan!

I'll give you the toggles in flight and you'll see EXACTLY what it's like to fly one of these things.

You'll experience True Canopy Flight, the real deal



the nature of the pendulum aircraft,


and walk away *knowing* your path towards becoming a Pilot!

How can it be even BETTER than that!? 

If you decide to JOIN my School afterwards,

I'll DISCOUNT your tuition by the cost of your Tandem Flight!

Yeah, really...

It's like getting a FREE Tandem Flight if you join the school!!!

This is my Gift to You

I want you to see for YOURSELF, know for sure

what your new reality can be.

Because, come on...


you just can't imagine an experience like THIS, right?

Let me SHOW you the way!

- Jordan

BGD Echo Crystal Andy Jackson Airpark
Paragliding Lessons Andy Jackson Airpark
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