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Thank you for joining our Online Classes! This is a short guide to help you get the most out of your experience. 

Zoom Classes

Every Monday night we host a Zoom Session containing two lectures which cover several Flight Training related topics from our school's curriculum. The topics are posted at 5pm on Monday before the class on the PG Planner Messenger group.


This is a Facebook group that you will be added to in order to get the invite link and have access to other training related materials. To join, you must send a message via the Facebook Messenger app to Jordan Neidinger requesting to be added.


The Zoom class begins at 8pm and invite links to the Zoom meeting are sent at 7:55pm in the PG Planner group. If you miss a session, don't worry! We record the session and post it the next day for the following week. The link for the recorded video is available at the top of the Online Classes page.

These meetings cover various subjects which will help you progress as a pilot in training. They are also designed to get you prepared to take the USHPA P1-P4 exams. On some occasions, the Zoom session will be a Test Prep for a specific rating test (P1-P4).


All of the sessions cover key points you will see on the USHPA exams as well as topics like risk management, flight planning, weather charts, understanding how the wing works, thermaling, reading terrain, and many more.

If you attend the live session, you are free to ask questions during the presentation. If you need extended explanation, there are two opportunities to ask your questions at the end of the two lectures each night. 

Core Classes and Lessons

You may also find our Core Classes and Lessons by visiting our Student Area. You will need to request permission to access this area of the website. That can be done by creating an account. There are also links to create an account on the Online Classes page.

Once given permission, you will also be able to find written articles and instructional videos to compliment your training. These are a bonus gift and a way of thanking you for joining our program!

If you need assistance with any of these instructions, please don't hesitate to call or text 951.901.0995

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