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The Backpack Aircraft

What does it mean to have an aircraft you can fit into a backpack? Freedom, to discover and explore this planet like you never thought possible! It is no exaggeration to say that this is like gaining a superpower. Being able to simply hike up a mountain slope and have within a backpack the contents necessary to fly for hours to the bases of clouds across incredible distances is literally a dream come true for so many of us. The ability to land where you want is equally as amazing and in this day of Lyft and Uber there are more possibilities than ever before.

If true hiking and flying is your dream then there is an entire subset of paragliding which caters to this activity. Hike&Fly gear weighs just a few pounds and makes it easier than ever to connect with nature while conserving your energy and carrying capacity.

It’s hard to imagine a more convenient aircraft than a paraglider and if hiking isn’t your thing then throw the whole rig into your trunk and head to the coast for all day gliding along beautiful sunny beaches. However you look at it, this form of aviation makes it possible to carry your aircraft, like an extension of yourself, into and out of incredible experiences that just wouldn’t be possible otherwise.



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