• WEATHERmeter

    The Weatherflow WEATHERmeter is a highly accurate miniature weather device used with your smartphone to measure wind, temperature, humidity and pressure readings. You can record data in a variety of compatible apps including the free Wind & Weather Meter app and share reports instantly via email, SMS, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

    WEATHERmeter connects wirelessly to your smartphone up to 100 feet away. From sailors to farmers, now anyone can capture and share accurate weather data with the WEATHERmeter..

    • Wind speed (avg, gust, apparent, true)
    • Wind direction (magnetic, true)
    • Crosswind, headwind, tailwind
    • Temperature & relative humidity
    • Pressure & dew point
    • Heat index, wind chill, and more
    • Wireless connection up to 100 ft away
    • Held in hand or attached to any 1/4-20 camera mount
    Measurement Range Accuracy Notes
    wind speed .5-125 mph ± 0.5% calibrated by University of Florida Aerospace Engineering
    wind direction 0-360° ± 0.5° Magnetic North
    humidity 0-95% ± 3% up to 85%  
    atmospheric pressure 8.9 to 32.5 inHg ± 0.03 inHg, 1mbar  
    temperature -10 to 140 °F ± 0.7 °F  
    Bluetooth range     up to 100 ft
    Battery     CR 2450

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