Not until you've had a real evaluation from a Flight Instructor.

Most new pilots rush this decision and are victims of good advertising which all say the same thing, "ours is the best" 😅

Spend a day or two kiting with your instructor, speak about your goals as a pilot, and get REAL ADVICE from a professional who has actually met you before!

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The Market for Good Gear

Certain brands garner respect and produce highly sought-after flight gear! Those are the brands you want to be holding when it's time to sell your equipment and upgrade to the next model or skill category.

If you buy new gear from a great brand, you can get 80% of your investment back when it's time to upgrade! That means you can be flying the BEST and most CURRENT gear and it only costs a few hundred bucks over 2-3 years, wow! 

Most have an area of their life where the insist on quality, no cutting corners. This definitely should be one of them, it's your safety and learning curve we are talking about here!

How to BUY GEAR!!!

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Our online Gear Shop has


for Students enrolled in our Training Programs!

This is our Gift to you because this school doesn't make huge margins on gear, WE'RE HERE TO TEACH and that means we can get our students into the BEST gear on the market, like BGD and Gin, and for an affordable investment that is equal or less in cost than budget brands like Ozone.

That means that when it's time to sell your gear, there will be a hot market of buyers looking for your brand!

Don't fall for marketing material, they all say the same old thing.


Listen to experienced pilots about what brands they want to fly next. Listen to the school that wants you to be the best PILOT you can be with an enjoyable learning curve.


It matters and we want you to fly through our Training Program with the best experience!

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It's a surprise to some, but a Paraglider is a perishable item!

We're used to cars and other vehicles that can be restored or at least preserved. But a Canopy is something to be used and enjoyed while its new and has the current, safest technology of the time.

With the passage of time, our gliders incur damage even when not being used. The fabric breaks down and the Passive Safety technology advances. The gliders of yesteryear just don't measure up to all of the R&D behind these new models.

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Your Learning Curve is ABSOLUTELY tied to the performance of your equipment!

Trying to learn how to kite on outdated equipment is like learning to ride a bike with two flat tires. You'll be putting in a ton of effort and wondering why it looks so easy for everyone else.

Since learning to fly is difficult enough, your gear shouldn't be adding to the frustration

Good equipment will shave a lot of time off of your progression and you'll see the learning process as a beautiful and ongoing challenge instead of a frustrating ordeal that you have to get through.

You DON'T Want Used Gear!

This Flight School is built on a reputation for excellence and safety. 

This achievement wouldn't have been possible through shortcuts and compromises. We treat EVERYONE like family, and like family, we would never have our kids learning this type of aviation activity without the SAFEST equipment on the market.

Sorry, we DO NOT train new students on used/old equipment unless it's been trim tested!

There are plenty of stories of wishful dreamers wasting tremendous amounts of time and money buying used gear that turned out to  be unsuitable for even one flying season. 

Don't make this common mistake. A glider must be in your skill category, weight range with several considerations factored in, and suitable for the site you will be flying most.

Outdated technology is compromising in areas of flying performance, recovery, and handling.


These are super important areas!

Damage to used gliders is extremely difficult for a beginner to evaluate. The fabric materials can become porous, the lines may be stretched just a few centimeters from trim, there may be fraying on the crossports inside of the wing, etc. The list goes on...

The good news is that you don't have to decide on any critical details until a point that you are TRULY educated about the equipment!



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What you don't want to do is buy cheap used gear off of the internet! 

New pilots have very little idea what they're looking at and while it may seem like you can save some money by going cheap there are a host of issues that you'll be dealing with and you won't even know what the cause is. 


Glider lines can very easily go out of trim which means that the lengths are out of spec. This can be dangerous as the glider will be more prone to spins and stalls in flight. The inflation for launch will also suffer and a new pilot will develop bad timing as a consequence.


The glider material has a shelf life. The best performance is to be had up front and because of use, UV exposure, and contact with rough terrain a glider's fabric performance will degrade every time it's being used. You can only check this with a porosity meter to be able to see the airworthiness of the material.


The paraglider equipment market evolves quickly. Companies invest a lot of money into R&D each year to ensure that you have access to the safest and best performing gear this sport has to offer. As a result, paragliders from just a few years ago don't compare to what we have now. Almost every innovation adds huge performance and safety to the flying experience.


Have you every gone car shopping on Craigslist? Everyone that is selling is trying to unload a vehicle with issues hoping you won't notice before the sale. Paragliders go the same way. Pilots leave them in hot cars, get them wet at SIV, smash the nose into the ground while learning to kite, and the list goes on and on. Of course they won't tell you about the abuse and to a beginner, the signs are impossible to see with the naked eye.


The right way to buy used is to have the wing tested at a proper facility which costs a few hundred dollars and requires that you leave it with them after shipping it away for a period of time that it can be inspected. You would have to have the wing in your possession to do this. This is an arduous process but we won't accept students on used gear unless it's been properly tested. Our recommendation is to skip the headache and invest in yourself and your training when it matters most.

Learning to fly is an Amazing and Rewarding process to watch and be a part of. I can tell you that you've never done anything quite like this before! In learning such a skill it is important to avoid taking shortcuts and that means going with quality gear and instruction. 

For those committed to becoming pilots and ready to invest in the BEST training and equipment to achieve that, we offer Unlimited Lessons to get you there. That's OUR commitment and we only give it to those ready to go all the way!

If other priorities in life means that you are considering shortcuts here, then the time is simply not right to begin this process.

We do not train new students on old/used equipment unless it's been trim tested!

Paragliding is the manifestation of what you've learned, how much you practiced, and how you apply all of that in one moment. Longer and higher flights are the results of all the dots you're able to connect in training, and that's a good feeling which is more than just the experience itself. Having quality equipment is extremely important for this learning process.


The first steps are the MOST important ones, it's you becoming a pilot!  Let's take it seriously together!

- Jordan