Join us as we learn about the essentials of Flight Planning using weather forecast models combined with onsite data to make the best decisions about when to get into the air. This Online Session is conducted as a Guided Discussion and a thorough walk-through of Basic Weather Principles, Forecast Models, and Pilot Resource Analysis

We focus on Paragliding specific topics and provide many examples of how to use local piloting resources. Sessions typically 7-8pm and vary by day depending on weather conditions. Invitations will be sent prior to start time and date.



Once Paragliding Pilots learn the Basics of Weather forecasting we start to look at tools for assessing more than just the Wind Speed and Direction. It's also important to make an accurate assessment of t he INSTABILITY of the air mass BEFORE committing to a flight in the slowest, lightest aircraft on the planet!

Understanding Weather in the Vertical can help a pilot avoid risky launches, turbulent flying conditions which could lead to loss of control, and rough landings. When pilots get hurt flying in conditions above their skill level, it is almost entirely due to a lack of understanding relating to these topics.

Several piloting resources are available to us, we just need to learn how to use them! Welcome to the 3rd dimension and to your new understanding of the skies above.



Paragliding Lessons and Tandems in Southern California

FlyWithJordan operates from Andy Jackson Airpark in San Bernardino

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