Dave's Awesome Review

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I took my first (real) flight this weekend 8/9/2019, and other than the over excitement and anticipation the day (and night before) my first real launch I was overcome with contentment. As soon as Jordan gave me the go ahead to put my glider into the air, I felt completely confident and was able to focus on the experience and listen to what my glider was telling me about the wind. As Jordan ensured me during my ground school, when he told me it was time, it would be. The training I received from Jordan on the ground, kiting, and from the training hill had completely prepared me to fly down 2300 feet from Marshal to Andy Jackson. The conditions were perfect as everyone that I spoke with at that site agreed is that way almost every day. Wanting a paraglider instructor that works with my self-taught attitude and at the same making sure I don’t get myself into any trouble, Jordan is perfect!


He is constantly quizzing me to make sure understand topics and building my skills and knowledge as we go. He is always happy to stop and listen to my questions and answers them in detail to make sure I know and understand. Several of the reasons I really appreciate Jordan as an instructor are: Non pushy personality (if you’re going to fly, you will. if you’re going to by gear, you will, if you want him as you instructor and he has availability,..) In depth knowledge of weather (very important to me to take as much guesswork out paragliding and make it safe so I can go home to my family) His expertise in tandem helped me to get some air time before committing to training and get an idea about what to expect as far as hanging in the wind and making my first turns.


The prices he gives for new gear (and training) make it easy to purchase and I haven’t seen lower prices anywhere. You can tell he is not in it for the money and just very passionate about the sport. I would always encourage others to meet several instructors and feel them out for themselves. I considered four+ other training sites (I drive from San Diego) and five+ other instructors before going with Jordan. Also, I really like the fact I am meeting and flying with his other students and learning from them. He makes sure you are involved in discussions with other students. I could go on and on about how great it is to have Jordan as an instructor, but if you’re interested, you just need to see for yourself.. Thanks Jordan! Keep up the good work of making this sport what it should be!  

- Dave

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