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Our next course is on its way! This one is for the newer pilots who are just getting into real flight planning scenarios at their home sites and beyond.

Get educated and learn practical skills that will help you make sense of the weather data so that your future flights will be amazing experiences. 

This is the way to get the best airtime!

Is this your first time to Marshall/Andy Jackson Airpark? Make the most of your visit and learn about this world-class flying site before you launch!

Even local pilots spend years learning the details of our amazing mountain site but you can take the fast track with this course. We have 3D models, aerial footage, and in-depth explanations about all launches, the approach and landing zone. Join us soon!


Become a master of your canopy and learn how to launch with finesse in any wind condition! This course will hand you all of the best techniques developed through the proven application of a daily canopy training program at the largest Paragliding Flight School in Southern California.

This course is packed with video, exercises you can learn easily, and self-evaluation techniques to ensure mastery.

Industry-Leading Online Paragliding Lessons

As technology evolves to the point where remote learning opportunities are the norm, FlyWithJordan has been innovating as well with new ways for students to engage in our course material. The traditional lecture-style methods were great for their time but are very limited by today's standards. Those old methods lack structure and leave the door wide open for missing key points through distraction, misunderstanding, or inability to attend those sessions. There is a better way to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

We now have the ability to track student progress automatically and this gives you the ability to resume your education easily and ensures that you do not miss any vital information in your training. Our lessons are a mix of scripted and edited videos, high quality technical articles, and weekly live Zoom meetings for open and guided discussion. It's never been so easy to stay organized with all of the new information that a sport like Paragliding requires. 

We are proud to be the only Paragliding School in Southern California to be offering such opportunities for new pilots to get truly educated from the comfort of their own home. What this means is that you will be able to learn critical subjects in a setting free from distractions and then focus on your physical skill development during your visits to the flight park!

For anyone not enrolled in our school, you can take advantage of our classes as well by signing up today. Simply purchase what you want from our Program List and you'll have access within the same day. These courses make a great compliment to go with your existing training program and will help you build your Paragliding skill and knowledge the right way.

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