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We do things differently

It’s our goal to create a new standard for Paragliding Flight Instruction! We have top quality equipment, well thought out teaching methods, and proper communication protocols. If you take an extra few days to master a skill or subject, that is totally okay. That’s why we have the Unlimited Lessons package. However long it takes you is okay by us.


It's about genuine compassion and mutual respect.

We’re going to treat you like family because that’s the kind of relationship you would expect from anyone who says they care about your life, progress, and safety. Don’t be a victim of instructors who have learned to cut corners just to save time and money for themselves.

You can see, we go the extra distance for you.

Online classes to make training better for you

Do your research. We are the only school publishing Online Content for students. Our entire course is online and it took a lot of work to make it happen. However, the extra effort is nothing compared to the value it brings to new students like yourself who are learning new skills and concepts which are directly related to their safety and wellbeing.


The ability to review important subjects and to look ahead will help you establish a firm connection with the new theory and useful skills you're learning.  You can achieve this with our structured online content from the comfort and convenience of your home or wherever you are. 

The old method is to listen to an instructor drone on about themselves, their latest whims, go on random tangents while in a distracting setting like a crowded airpark seating area. Then, you have to try to remember everything that was said in the moment and hope you'll be able to recall it when it matters. Instructors who still do it this way are usually in a hurry and skipping details because they've said it hundreds of times over and are bored with the process.

The real quality comes through in a well thought out, scripted video with visual elements and organized structure because the process of creating one in the first place requires careful planning and attention. Wouldn't it be nice to know that kind of attention to detail was the very foundation of your entire training?


Wouldn't it also be nice to be a part of an online community where you can ask questions and hear some from other students at different skill levels? How about quality articles written for the sole purpose of helping you become a master at ground-handling, launching, thermaling, and landing a canopy?

Going above and beyond

Well, that's what we can offer. We take the extra steps like organizing field trips to other flying sites, free wing inspections, offering paramotor crossover training, and tandem thermal coaching experiences. You will have the support you need to pass the exams, achieve the next skill level, and become the safe and competent pilot you must be to fly for decades.


"Everything we do in this school is about improving your experience as a student learning to fly."

- Jordan



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