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What is Paragliding?

In the simplest terms, we have a parachute (we call it a wing) that has been engineered to glide forward as it goes through the air instead of just going down. We can make the wing turn by slowing down one side more than the other. Now all we have to do is steer the paraglider into rising air and we can stay airborne for hours!

How long is a Tandem Flight?

Air time depends greatly on good weather conditions and we try to schedule tandem paragliding flights on the days that are most favorable for flying. For tandem flights our goal is to fly at least 20-30 minutes but some can last for hours if the passenger desires to fly longer.

How do we take off in a Tandem?

Pilot and passenger will typically go to a flying site with a slope facing into the wind. Both must move downhill together for a few steps to inflate the paraglider with enough speed to then be lifted off of the ground and away from the slope. Once airborne, pilot and passenger get comfortably seated in their harnesses. Your pilot will have some specific instruction and procedures to go over with you prior to your flight.

Can I book a date in advance?

Yes, but all bookings are tentative and depend on favorable weather conditions. Please let us know what dates you have available but be prepared to re-schedule if the weather does not permit safe flight on your preferred date.

Can I give the gift of flight to someone else?

Absolutely! What better way to share such an amazing experience as a tandem paragliding adventure? Give someone special the best sunset of their life or possibly start them down their own flight path with our Tandem Flight Voucher.

What should I wear for a Tandem Flight?

Helmets are provided but feel free to bring your own if you prefer. For footwear, we encourage tandem passengers to wear shoes with ankle supports such as hiking boots. Sunglasses and a hat are advisable on most sunny days. For cooler weather please dress appropriately as it only gets colder the higher up we go!

Can I bring a camera/cell phone?

Please bring any recording device you wish but be sure to find a way to secure the equipment to your wrist or harness. Friends and family are encouraged to video and take photographs as well but must observe all safety precautions while in the flight park and stay clear of launching and landing zones.

Is there a weight limit for Tandem Flights?

The weight range for tandem passengers is 70-250lbs. The loading of a paraglider (how much weight we fly with) affects its flight, launching, and landing characteristics. At the upper weight limits the ground speeds for takeoff and landing can be a bit higher. At the lower limits the paraglider can become less responsive to pilot inputs.

How fit do I need to be for a Tandem launch?

If you have any mobility issues with balance or trouble with your knees, ankles, back, etc. please discuss them with your pilot prior to booking a flight. Launching and landing a paraglider requires light running for a few steps.

How do we land from a Tandem Flight?

To get rid of excess speed, the pilot must apply brakes before touching down. Since we do not have wheels like other aircraft, we must use or legs. It is important that both the pilot and passenger be prepared to run together for a few steps at the landing. Your pilot will discuss these details with you before and during your flight.

Where do we meet and how long does it take?

PLEASE BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT FIRST! We typically meet at the Andy Jackson Airpark located in San Bernardino. Afternoon to sunset is preferred for Tandem flights and we will confirm exact meeting times beforehand. Flights are about 20-30 minutes long, however, with the paperwork, ride to launch, and briefing, the whole experience usually takes about 1-2 hours.