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Start with canopy basics, learn how to launch and land, then apply power!


Find out how you can become a pilot of your own ultralight aircraft!

This is an amazing time to take advantage of this Golden Era of civilian aviation and the flying sites are right in your backyard,

You can learn to fly and operate your own aircraft all for less than most motorcycles!

Don't put off your dreams any longer, this is the true beginning of your life, Adventure Awaits!





All of our Paramotor students begin their journeys in Paragliding Basics!

There are a few great reasons for this but the best one is the ability to use the local mountains as training hills to learn canopy control.

This is THE most important aspect of Paramotor.

Once a student can launch and land a canopy safely and consistently without a motor, about 20-30 flights, they are then ready to put on a motor.

This phase only takes a day or two of training at one of several training sites in the local desert regions. They are great places to learn to fly!

Yes, the school has motor units available for your training and they are the lightest weight models on the market.


We highly recommend you purchase a motor unit AFTER you are educated about the requirements and preferences for our sport and your safety.

This school is designed to guide you through that process too and every step to reach your goals as a pilot.


Because of the unique weather and terrain of this region, our site can offer what no other can!

Plus, this school is the culmination of decades of experience, passion, and dedication to give YOU the best experience and Learning Curve possible.


We know we can do that because we do it every day!

Come check out the Best Flight Training Program for yourself and see how a REAL canopy pilot is made. 

Smooth and in control.


You won't believe the difference you'll see between students who were trained properly to use a canopy and those who graduated 3-day training programs and learned the rest off of YouTube.

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Paramotor Demo Flabob Airport FlyWithJor
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How YOU Get There

When you know how to use a canopy properly, then adding a motor is nothing more than an accessory

Are you interested in learning to fly a Paramotor

The BEST way to do that in this area is to learn Canopy Basics at the largest flying site in North America, Andy Jackson Airpark.

FlyWithJordan is the school to get you going and you'll be flying in no time, here's how we do it

You'll master basic Kiting skills, launch from a small training hill, and learn how to properly plan your flights based on regional Pilot Weather Forecast Models.

After a few training hill flights, you will have the Canopy Skills sufficient to launch and land, and without expensive and heavy equipment hanging from your back....

THEN we add the motor and learn throttle control, maneuvering with thrust, and the necessary safety procedures.

This school can take you to that next level of flight and help you realize your childhood dreams. We are a community of dreamers too.

This is your new family, your winged brethren. We know what you've been dreaming about.

We were just like you, wishing for airtime and the skills to make it happen.

We know what what it takes, we can show you the way!

We are the ONLY established Paramotor Training Program in Southern California and our mission is to foster a Safe, Thorough, and Enjoyable learning curve for YOU.

What TYPE of Wing to Get


Did you know that you can get one wing for both Paragliding and Paramotoring? That's great news if you're interested in both and that means you can fly in any season.


We have hybrid wings that are great for both sports!


If you want to Paraglide and then transition onto Paramotor or just begin powered flight, we have you covered.

Motor Wings


El Mirage, California


Paramotor is awesome and in this region you can fly with or without the motor. Before buying any equipment, make sure you are educated about the possibilities available to you, ask us and we can help with that!

For a majority of people in Southern California, Paramotor goes hand in hand with Paragliding because of easy access and seasonal flying conditions.

Read more here


Starting with our Canopy Basics will put you in a great spot to fly with our without power so you can do both whenever the season and circumstances allow.

We recommend getting good at launching and landing a canopy before you transition to Paramotor.

Become a canopy master by enrolling in the school today!

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