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Basic Training Online Course

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Everyone who has completed all steps in the program will get a badge.


When you have completed all steps in the Course Guide, it's time to start going through these Online Classes. You will be expected to view this content in a distraction-free environment, read through the associated articles, and complete the quizzes in each section. The classes are structured so that you can view the lessons for your experience level as you progress through training. There are also additional resources to review that will help you develop next-level skills, you should be proactively pursuing these exercises when you visit. The course is organized like this: 1. Watch the classes indicated for your level BEFORE your next visit (example: complete Training Hill Basics before your first visit. Complete Flight Phase Basics before flying from the upper launch sites) 2. Complete associated quizzes 3. Come to class and DEMONSTRATE to the instructor the skills and knowledge you have learned 4. Attend Monday night Zoom sessions or watch the recording posted for the following week In the course you will see the following icons: 📌 = Phases of training associated with your visits ✅ = Important classes covering fundamental topics 📑 = Your Flight Phase Syllabus 📚 = Study Guide for the USHPA exams 📝 = Quizzes that you must pass in order to progress through training You will be required to complete the quizzes in order to progress to the next training phase. You will also need to remember these topics to pass the USHPA exams for each pilot rating P1-P4.

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app



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