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Our 1st Class Training Program

It's our crowning achievement!

Our Training Program offers Unlimited Lessons! Most sites in our region require a P3 rating to fly. Students who only achieve the P2 rating after training at other schools face a lengthy and expensive process in order to fly these sites. They soon learn that after they pay +$2000 for a P2 Beginner rating, that they must also pay for more training which can be in excess of $1500 for a P3 Intermediate rating! Our School offers a very flexible arrangement that works with your schedule and at your pace. There's no need to rush and you won't be solicited for additional training because it is all included!

This Training Program is also unique because it incorporates Tandem Instruction as way to familiarize students with in-flight maneuvers. Students will learn approaches, turn timing, and right of way rules in real-time under the guidance of a certified and insured Flight Instructor. We have found this method to be extremely useful to clarify instruction, monitor in-flight decision making, and to accelerate the learning process!

Our training area makes use of the foothills to the San Bernardino National Forest and the weather typically allows for several flights a day from a number of different launch sites. We have the largest and best kept landing zone in Southern California with the most flyable days and our ongoing commitment to safety and self-regulation protects our access to this wonderful opportunity. Several of our launches allow for extended flights which translates into more in-flight training possibilities for students.

Since the sport requires a commitment to practice and continuing education we screen our student applicants to ensure we accept those who would be the best match for our Training Program. We require that students purchase their own gear prior to training and through the school.

Most beginners want to know "how" to fly, but our program also focuses on the "where" and "when" to fly which are equally as important. Our top notch Weather Classes are designed to be relevant and useful to new pilots as they learn to assess the constantly changing and dynamic nuances of the air at their launch site. Additionally, we teach a process-oriented approach to decision making to create an awareness of details and to equip the student with the tools they require to make good judgements regarding their decision to fly.

We are also extremely proud of our Training Syllabus! Not only does it follow national standards set forth by the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (USHPA), but it has also been developed even further from the experience and contributions of our Advanced Instructors. The Syllabus is shared among instructors via an online organizational app that allows them to track student progress while in the field. This way, each instructor is updated with the student's progress as it occurs.

We are constantly improving and adding to our School and Training Program by hiring talented instructors, scheduling flying trips for pilots, and hosting Advanced Training Events. Join the ranks of the hundreds of new pilots we have created throughout the years and discover the true value of Qualified Instruction at one of the best flying sites in North America!


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