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BGD Base2 Lite EN/B

BGD Base2 Lite EN/B


Experience Freedom in the Skies with the Base 2 Lite Paraglider


Are you feeling weighed down by the monotony of your daily routine? Do you yearn to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and experience the freedom of flight? Look no further than the Base 2 Lite paraglider, the perfect wing for pilots seeking a lightweight, high-performance sports-class glider that is easy to handle and a joy to fly.


Unleash your adventurous spirit and take to the skies with the Base 2 Lite. Here's everything you need to know about this remarkable paraglider.


Lightweight Design for Maximum Fun and Performance

Designed for pilots who love to fly and want a wing that reflects that passion, the Base 2 Lite is up to 22% lighter than its predecessor, the Base 2. The designers have spared no expense in optimizing weight while maintaining the same high level of functionality and performance.


The lightweight sail makes launching even easier than before, while the C-steering handles are light and responsive, providing effective steering while gliding on bar. The brake pressure is slightly lighter than the standard Base 2, making it a dream to handle in the air.


With its new arc design, double leading edge, and fine-tuned sail and line tension, the Base 2 Lite is perfectly balanced in the air. It thermals beautifully, turns smoothly and with ease, and will get you up to the clouds in no time.


Unparalleled Handling and Feedback

The Base 2 Lite is a wing that speaks your language. Its clear, understandable feedback and "feely" wingtips provide real-time information about the air, allowing you to stay in control and make the most of every flight. It's a relaxing wing to fly, freeing up mental bandwidth to focus on finding the next thermal or scouting for the perfect camping spot.


A Versatile Sports-Class Paraglider

Whether you're a cross-country pilot who enjoys the hike to launch, a vol-bivouac adventurer looking for high-end safety, or anyone who wants a fun, performant lightweight wing, the Base 2 Lite is the perfect match. Pilots stepping up from low-B category will not find it too challenging to fly, yet its performance will impress XC distance seekers.


Attention to Detail in Design

The designers at BGD have poured their hearts and souls into creating the Base 2 Lite, and the results speak for themselves. They have optimized every detail to produce a wing that is both light and strong, easy to handle, and a joy to fly.


Made from Porcher Skytex 27 with 32 on the upper leading edge for durability, and unsheathed Edelrid lines throughout, the Base 2 Lite is both lightweight and durable. The new lightweight hybrid risers feature narrow webbing for excellent handling and a mixture of Dyneema and Kevlar to take advantage of the strengths of each.



LINEAR SCALING FACTOR0.920.9611.041.08
PROJECTED AREA (M²)17.819.521.222.924.6
FLAT AREA (M²)2123252729
GLIDER WEIGHT (KG)4.54.855.45.7
TOTAL LINE LENGTH (M)222243265285306
FLAT SPAN (M)11.111.612.112.613
TOP SPEED (KM/H)5455555555
WEIGHT RANGE (KG)55-7565-8575-9588-108100-125
 * pending certification
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