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BGD LYNX2 EN-C lightweight

BGD LYNX2 EN-C lightweight


LYNX 2: Where Finesse Meets Adventure

Introducing the LYNX 2, our featherlight EN-C marvel. This wing harmonizes remarkable cross-country prowess with an elevated comfort quotient, setting a new benchmark within its class. Crafted to instill unwavering confidence, even when confronting the most formidable of aerial conditions, it is your conduit to discovering your untamed spirit amidst the peaks.


In conceiving the LYNX 2, we embraced a novel 2.5-liner hybrid configuration, a choice motivated by manifold factors. While a fully-fledged two-liner would necessitate additional support struts within the canopy, inevitably inflating the stowage dimensions, we were resolute in ensuring the LYNX 2 could be conveniently compressed to a remarkably compact form, tailor-made for both treks and high-speed races.


Furthermore, the Lynx 2's design shines in its remarkable 'mush' potential, rendering secure top-landings in rugged terrains a reality. This is attributed to the three-liner layout positioned at the core of the glider, endowing it with an extensive brake span and a penchant for forgiving stall behaviors. Moreover, its takeoff procedure is astonishingly facile, underscoring its user-friendly demeanor.


LYNX 2: Unleash Your Journey with Lightness and Precision

For those roving cross-country aviators who embrace freedom and minimalism, and for the fleet-footed souls who tread their domains, leaving no trace behind, the LYNX 2 emerges as the quintessential partner. A testament to efficiency and performance, it emerges as a formidable companion for high-altitude races, where its efficacy harmonizes seamlessly with exceptional safety and serenely responsive maneuvering. It stands poised to seize the spotlight in the arena of new serial-class competitions, seamlessly appealing to those advancing from the B-class tier.


A Glimpse into the Designer's Thought Process

Spanning an ultralight range of 3.2kg to 4.3kg across five sizes, the LYNX 2 stands as a paragon of lightweight wings in its category, without compromising on durability. With judicious precision, we incorporated 32g/m2 fabric in strategic domains, reinforcing the leading edge where fortification is paramount. In the riser realm, we forewent the minuscule weight savings of shoelace-style Dyneema in favor of 12mm webbing fortified with easy-handling Kevlar, a testament to our commitment to practicality and performance.


The LYNX 2, compared to its counterpart CURE 2, champions accessibility and ease of flight, adorned with a slightly reduced aspect ratio and cell count.


Exuding a fusion of lightness, responsiveness, and precision in handling, the LYNX 2 encapsulates a two-liner's vibrancy and comparable performance. Yet, its essence is grounded in the security, the gentle navigation of rear risers, and the handling characteristics intrinsic to a three-liner paradigm.


Field-tested by Tyr during a pre-production sortie in Costa Rica, it was hailed as profoundly serene in the face of vigorous, tumultuous conditions. “The flight almost becomes an intimate dance with the rear risers!” Tyr exclaimed.


Distinguished by an impressive array of brake control and commendable behavior at lower speeds, the LYNX 2's propensity for graceful top-landings and adept entry into confined niches stands as a defining feature. The rationale behind embracing a 2.5-line hybrid architecture, instead of committing to a two-liner, finds its roots in this very trait.


Presenting a reimagined riser design, embellished with a revised speed system mechanism and an agile, efficient rear-riser steering setup, the LYNX 2 shines prominently when the bar is engaged.


The ingenious Spiral Safety System takes center stage within the LYNX 2's framework. A rib sans cross port vents, located just inboard from the stabi, orchestrates a mechanism wherein the tip cells relinquish pressure during a profound spiral dive. This intricate dance empowers the glider to autonomously extricate itself from the deepest spirals, rendering any pilot intervention superfluous.



LINEAR SCALING FACTOR0.920.9611.041.08
PROJECTED AREA (M²)16.517.819.521.222.9
FLAT AREA (M²)19.521232527
TOTAL LINE LENGTH (M)209226247268290
HEIGHT (M)6.777.37.67.9
FLAT SPAN (M)10.911.311.812.312.8
PROJECTED SPAN (M)8.799.59.910.3
WEIGHT RANGE (KG)60-7570-8575-9588-108100-120*
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