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Gin BOBCAT Miniwing Harness

Gin BOBCAT Miniwing Harness


Such an awesome little harness that's perfect for training hill flights, dunes, sledders, and miniwings! Has a bit of cushion for those butt-landings and very comfortable to fly.


Independent thigh loops without seat plate. Shoulder straps slide through the front cross straps for more precise piloting.

  • Safe T-bar.
  • Side trimming adjustments.
  • Light automatic buckles.
  • Integrated 8 cm back protection.
  • GIN Automatic carabiners included (30mm Zicral self-locking 'biners)

  Size: One size fits all Weight: 1.6 kg


Great as a Kiting harness, Dune flying, Hike&Fly, Speedflying, and more!


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