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Gin FastPack Bag Light

Gin FastPack Bag Light


Who likes packing their Paraglider? NO ONE!!!


And so with this stuff sack you will be able to throw your wing in as a rosette and avoid the lengthy and meticulous folding between every flight!


Want to get up to launch quickly for your next one? You'll be on the shuttle in half the time and not have to worry about holding up the fun or losing your seat.


Did you know that your glider will last longer by using one of these? That's right, if you don't fold it along the same lines and force the air out every single time, the fabric will keep its porosity longer which is great for the lifespan of the material and even better when you want to sell your glider someday!


Unless you're hiking or traveling with your wing then this the way to go. Convenient and fast!

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