The Charger - Performance Freedom Flying

The Charger is a full-blooded reflex paramotoring glider. New and seasoned pilots alike will immediately feel comfortable flying the Charger and appreciate its incredibly easy launching and landing characteristics, superb stability and excellent cruising speed.


Looks and Feels Good!

The Charger is the ultimate 'pilot friendly' paramotor wing, both in the sky and on the ground. Extremely resistant to collapse, the Charger will put you at ease and allow you to enjoy the scenery, instead of worrying 'what's next!'.  And with the exciting new contemporary look of the Charger, you'll be the envy of everyone in the air!

While flying this beauty you'll notice right away that it is capable of performing everything you need to enjoy the air and not feel like your missing out.


No Time Wasted on Launch – perfect for initial PPG training

The Charger, as with all MACPARA gliders, is designed with ease of launch in mind. Our R&D team was especially attentive to performance of the Charger during take-off, as well as, how well it flares while landing. You'll look like a pro with its no-hassle launch characteristics that will have you airborne immediately after inflation. You will be amazed at well it stays above you without a tendency to collapse or wander off course. Even in nil wind conditions, you can trust the Charger to make your landings safe and predictable. During extended flights, the light-to-moderate brake pressure allows for pleasant turns while progressively increasing toward the end of brake travel, providing a reserve of safety.


Why the great performance?

The glider is undemanding and resistant to collapse even in rough air thanks to the customized reflex airfoils. Much attention went into the design of the Charger's airfoil, resulting in exceptional penetration and in flight stability. The smooth shape of the airfoil nose is maintained by long lasting Mylar reinforcement combined with new age plastic rods. It features excellent stability throughout the full weight and speed range. The canopy has a dampened roll tendency, but offers good flexibility and agility in turns, and the Charger will not overshoot or hang back.


Standard Features add to your Enjoyment

With the serial risers, which include trimmers and speed system, the Charger's speed range can easily be dialed in to meet the pilot's wishes. With trimmers pulled in the Charger's climb is similar to non-reflex paragliders. With trim out, speed and penetration increase significantly. For flights of long duration in full reflex mode the Charger can be comfortably controlled using the wingtip steering handles. They are perfectly placed on the risers and ingeniously designed to mimic the lighter forces of serial brakes.

This is an all around fun glider, perfect for playing in all conditions, with performance to spare!


Great attention to details

The Charger comes standardly equipped with ergonomically thin, semi-rigid brake handles, including swivels, neodymium magnets, and soft loop extensions. The risers feature two pulley settings for low or high brakes depending on your paramotor.  Wing tip steering handles are held in position using elastic lines and can be secured to the risers by either neodymium magnets or with press button snaps.


Quality you can Trust

The use of high-quality materials and constant quality control throughout the manufacturing process produces high quality products. We use Aramid-Kevlar lines of proven series that guarantee correct geometry of your canopy throughout its life.

You can choose from three serial designs. And if you have different color preferences, you have the luxury of making your own design!

Through the use of high-grade materials along with constant attention to quality control throughout MACPARA'S manufacturing process you are assured of getting a superbly crafted paraglider.

The MACPARA Charger is guaranteed to energize you!


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