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MiniPlane Top80 Paramotor

MiniPlane Top80 Paramotor


Such an awesome and lightweight setup that's perfect for beginners and experienced pilots alike!


There's two schools of thought:


Get a big, heavy, overbuilt and expensive paramotor for when you crash




Get a lightweight, easy to launch, and affordable paramotor because you invested in a proper Canopy Training program like the one at FlyWithJordan!


Our students master launches and landings in Paragliding BEFORE they go and put a spinning salad shooter on their back. That way, we iron out all the wrinkles so there are no bad launches and landings!


We have this luxury because we operate at the largest and most consistent airpark in the country and it is our special privledge to do so. 


Become familiar with your canopy and THEN the paramotor is just and accessory to flight because you already know the wing so well.

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