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1st Tuition Payment

1st Tuition Payment


This FIRST TUITION PAYMENT covers your first visit to class AND gets you onboard for our WEEKLY ONLINE CLASSES every Monday night!


Once you make this payment you will be sent a Course Guide via text. It will have instructions to guide you through every step necessary to get connected with the school and your training program. All of your questions will be answered here and you won't have to guess about what to do at any point!


You'll be connected to an online student community. This PG PLANNER group is where the school coordinates all meet-up times, posts links to the ONLINE CLASSES each Monday, and where we discuss relevant Flight Planning topics to help you organize your schedule accordingly!


Welcome to class and to the beginning of an incredible personal journey from within - you're on your way to becoming a PILOT


Want to save $200 on your tuition?

If you pay the entire tuition before you start classes then you only pay $2300 for Unlimited Lessons!

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