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Get access to all of our Online Classes no matter where you are!


If you're currently attending training at another Flight School or you're just beginning your Paragliding Journey then this is a great way to compiment your learning curve.


With this one-time purchase you will have access to all of our Weekly Online Classes where we cover a host of critical topics that are designed to further your understanding towards becoming a true Canopy Pilot!


Join our community and participate in Guided Discussions relevant to your individual progression through the sport. Each session we cover both Novice and Beginner topics so you can always review what you've covered and see what's skills and concepts are coming up next! 


We also host Test Prep and Review sessions to get you ready for the P1-P4 USHPA (United States HangGliding and Paragliding Association) exams that students must pass in order to recieve their ratings to fly at major Airparks like Andy Jackson and Torrey Pines.


These Online Classes are INCLUDED with our Unlimited Lessons tuition so if you're already enrolled at FlyWithJordan then there is no need to purchase this, we'll see you on Monday nights!


Yes, these classes are RECORDED for viewing at your convenience so don't worry if your schedule doesn't permit attendance during the LIVE sessions, you can always watch it later!


These classes utilize Whiteboard Sessions, 3D modeling, and PowerPoint Presentations to help visualize important concepts and topics.


We do everything we can to ensure you get the most value out of this program and we look forward to seeing you in class!

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