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The Cheapest Airtime

Many of us dream of flight. It was so easy for us as children to imagine a kind of care-free, happy and floaty sensation that was as effortless to get to as stretching out our arms. As an adult, chasing this dream by traditional means typically involves large sums of money. And in my case, the cost of sport aviation seemed to be insurmountable given the amount of time I would want to spend with an activity that I truly loved. A few years of military aviation and listening to my buddies complain about spending a ton of money chasing a sport pilot rating and I had given up.

That’s why I was completely blown away to learn that flying was actually well within my reach! And while my paradigm on weather had to be adjusted a bit, paragliding truly was everything I could ask for and in such a convenient package. Imagine; a collection of fabric that allows you to circle up to the clouds with hawks by your side, floating above the planet’s surface for hours while consuming zero fuel in the process. This is an experience you can have right now and with an aircraft that costs less than a dirt bike. This foldable canopy can be made so compact you can literally fit one in a large pocket, hike up a mountain and fly off the side. What a time to be alive!

So for some, paragliding is a life changing experience and for good reason. It is the pathway to ridiculous amounts of airtime and pursuit of that childhood dream at a fraction of the cost of every other form of aviation. Find out how this marvelous invention can expand your horizons, flying is easier than it’s ever been before.



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