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Tons of Airtime - PARAGLIDING

You've seen what it's like to fly, now learn how to pilot the most affordable and convenient aircraft available. It's a backpack aircraft you can take anywhere and it fits into the trunk of your car!

Becoming a canopy pilot is a journey like no other. The experiences are difficult to describe because they are so unique. There's a connection to your environment that cannot be achieved with another aircraft. Fly with red-tailed hawks on your wingtips, drag your feet in the sand, ascend to cloud base with no thrust. Its another reality to say the least.

This isn't sitting in a fuselage pushing buttons and pulling levers. We don't need air speed indicators. We are really connected with the air we fly in, using our bodies to feel and steer our gliders. Most aircraft just plow through the sky loudly and require tons of infrastructure, planning, maintenance, and certificates. But we are not so hampered.

In the military, flights were long and arduous aboard the infamous C130s and we were usually in a hurry to be done with the experience. But this personal way of "flying" has almost nothing in common with those missions from yesteryear. We can't get enough! This is real freedom in aviation, a golden age in personal flight for the everyday man.

Do you love airtime? I mean, do you really love being in the air? You'll get much more of it with a canopy and the cost is so minimal that your airtime doesn't have to be a financial consideration every time you fly. This aircraft is cheaper than most motorcycles.

Learning how to fly in Texas was no easy task. Instructors were few and far between and flight schools were non existent. Fast forward ten years and now I have students coming from out of state and other countries so they can learn to fly in the BEST weather on this continent, in Southern California. We are so lucky to have these spectacular mountains, ample training grounds, and superb flying conditions around 300 days a year. If only I would have known about this fast track of piloting progression, I would have happily taken a little trip to SoCal to walk out a much more capable canopy pilot.

Now this opportunity is here for you. Many naive and aspiring pilots waste years fumbling through first flights, taking chances with their lives and safety while trying to accomplish what I see my students learn in only a few days. It's easy to pick out the undertrained, inexperienced guys at the launch because they hesitate, lack confidence, and have terrible control over their canopies. It's like a slow train wreck to watch, everyone sees it coming too.

Theres a better way! Our aim is to create skilled and competent pilots who will make the right decisions throughout their entire flying career. It's not just HOW to fly, but WHEN and WHERE as well. Our flight school is dedicated to setting new standards in the industry and creating a community of Adventurers ready to write the next chapter in their Book of Living.

We have UNLIMITED LESSONS so that no student is rushed through their vital training and kicked out of the nest too soon. Tandem Instruction is a pivotal part of our program and is our recipe for creating safe, accomplished pilots with a rewarding learning curve that instills confidence in the student.

If you have a dream to fly, I invite you to check out this amazing way of being in the air. It's an addiction that is more rewarding than you can imagine. It will change your life.

I've spent the last five years telling everyone who would listen about this incredible opportunity. If that's you then please head over to my website and social media accounts to learn more about our passion to share with others and begin your own journey today!





FlyWithJordan Paragliding

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