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Where Does Los Angeles Go Paragliding?

Where is the Closest Spot to Go Paragliding Near Los Angeles?

Anyone who has spent time exploring Southern California knows that finding an outdoor activity to get into is never a problem. It’s awesome here! Almost every adventure sport has a claim to some part of SoCal and can be found within a few hours drive. From ski resorts to hiking trails, surfing to off road 4x4, the accessibility to fun time is staggering compared to most other places on the planet. The crazy part is that you can do it all in the same day if you really wanted to!

Definitely not like where I grew up.

People from Los Angeles go Paragliding in the San Bernardino Mountains

But it doesn’t end there. For those infatuated with Paragliding, those scenic mountains in the background around the valley are historic monuments with a rich aviation history. No, not parasailing. While that’s fun too, it’s not quite the same. Paragliders don’t need a boat to get airborne; they take advantage of natural air currents to stay aloft for hours and can even fly great distances without a motor. It’s basically an aircraft that goes into a bag and whether you’re a pilot of one, you want to be, or you just want to get a Tandem Flight and see what it’s like to be in the air, there are options everywhere in California to enjoy this amazing sport.

As a result, adventurers of all sorts have been flying these skies for decades. Like a playground for the child within, the mountains are endless sources of lift and a way for pilots to embark on truly life-changing, epic adventures. It’s not an exaggeration, ask any one of them and they will talk your ear off for hours about the real magic that a flight experience can be.

You Can Get a Tandem Flight Near You

But if you can’t find a pilot to talk to then a Tandem Paragliding Flight is an even better experience! They are great for bucket-listers, tourists, and anyone curious about Paragliding. For those interested in becoming pilots, you can make your dream a reality with Paragliding Training and Lessons available at several schools in the area. It’s a truly special opportunity in civilian aviation and rare to find so many flying opportunities in one place. That’s Southern California! These days, it is more affordable to own a paraglider than a motorcycle so there's little stopping those dreamers who just have to be in the air.

For locals looking for their own aerial adventures, a real treasure awaits right in our own backyards. There are a handful of incredibly accessible launch sites at the foothills to the San Bernardino National Forest. Most pilots from Los Angeles and surrounding areas will visit these popular spots whenever the weather is good for soaring, which is almost every day. The member communities that frequent and maintain the Airparks and Landing Zones are the backbone of the sport and generally look after each other so that Paraglider and Hang Glider pilots are known as safe and responsible individuals who just want to get into the sky! Paragliding is low impact, quiet, and zero-emissions so it goes great with the culture here.

World famous flying sites like Marshall Peak and Crestline are known for big air, spectacular views, and offer a place for new pilots to stretch their wings. Like a surfer living in Hawaii, this place is IT for free flight pilots. Visitors from all over the planet flock to this area to enjoy the generous flying season, consistently awesome weather, and ultimately become a part of the growing piloting community. Most find the social aspect of this sport to be the biggest inspiration to stay engaged. What good is any awesome experience if you can't share it with others?

Andy Jackson Airpark in San Bernardino is where the all of that magic happens for many and it has one of the best kept landing zones in North America. The piloting community there is a treasure in and of itself. They are constantly engaged with matters like educating new members, increasing safety and awareness, and the preservation of flying site access. Without them, this special site with its rich history and unique privileges would not exist. Come visit this wonderful park even if you just want to watch. There are spectator areas and always something going on in the Landing Zone.

The doors are always open for visitors! Most visiting tandem passengers come from popular tourist destinations like Huntington Beach, Anaheim, Malibu, Orange County, and San Diego just to get a taste of the experience. A handful of Flight Schools operate from Andy Jackson and conduct flights on a daily basis. For those interested in Paragliding Training and Tandems, I recommend getting taking a flight.

The experience will change your reality forever!

If you would like to come take a flight with us or join our flight school, please visit our social media links and website below.



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