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Turning a Passion into a Purpose

Paragliding is a game-changer for so many and for me it was no different. I became completely addicted from the start and my life began to revolve around flying instantly. Any opportunity I could muster, any excuse that I had to tell, whatever it would take to get me into the air, was worth it.

After several years of chasing as hard as I could, I became aware of a deepening void within. Something inside was just not satisfied by the incredible experiences I was having. I just had to share it with someone! Like many pursuits in life, this one was hardly worth it if I was not able to relive the highlights and the drama with someone who truly understood what it was like. Trying to explain paragliding to someone who had never flown one was literally like speaking another language. They simply could not understand or relate to what I was saying. It was isolating. With this sad realization, a new page had begun to turn.

The focus shifted from my own personal education and growth towards the achievements and progression of others as they learned to fly. Their ups and downs, their joys and struggles, the overwhelming sense of achievement in seeing others take to the air became my new pursuit.

In helping others, this amazing sport took on a whole new meaning. I had found a genuine purpose in assisting students chase down their childhood dreams. No longer was I obsessed with my own airtime but rather in creating safe and competent pilots that would become future friends and join our flying communities. In this arena my greatest achievement would be to look back on several decades of instruction and know that my influence still permeates the sport through good practice and dedicated improvements of those pilots I had the good fortune to educate and coach to the next level.

Over time, the void went away and the lonely aspiration to share my passion is now my dedicated purpose! I'm grateful for all of the individuals and opportunities that have made this life possible. I don't need to look far anymore to find lasting pleasure in flying because it's so much fun just sharing it with you!



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