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I couldn't have said it better myself!

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Paul's Bday Flight Lesson!

Amazing experience! The flight and the views were exceptional and Jordan was very friendly and professional.

6/5 would go again!

- Yoel

Certified by USHPA/USPPA

Insured by PASA

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Definitely one of the best pilots and instructors around! He progresses you through the training quickly without sacrificing safety.

Take a Tandem Flight!

- Kyle

Jordan is an expert at his profession. He teaches all the things you need to known from basic concept of flying, to weather, and safety.

I highly recommend!

- Alina

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I can't say thank you enough for all of the amazing reviews from students and passengers! It lets me know I'm truly helping others achieve their passionate dreams

Launch: Mashall/Crestline

Land: Andy Jackson Airpark

5500 Ben Canyon Rd

San Bernardino, CA

We specialize in Flight Instruction and Lessons for Paragliding and Paramotor PPG


Tandem Paragliding Flight - $250

20min+ flight from the mountains of Crestline or several other local sites. Group discount available, makes a great gift! Visit our FAQs for more info.

Paragliding Lesson (1 day) - $400

Introduction to paragliding or whatever level you are currently. Optional Tandem Flight Included! Take the controls and learn the nuances of thermaling or find out how to set up a landing approach with the guidance of a professional coach. Site Intros!

Unlimited Flight Lessons!

(P1 to P4) - $2200

Instruction all the way to P4. Why stop at the novice rating P2 when almost every site requires a P3? Don't get stuck with a rating you can't fly with. Learn how to thermal, cross-country, and attend classes at your leisure and don't ever let the learning stop!


Paragliding Southern California


- This will change your life forever -


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Niviuk Octagon Square Reserve

CERTIFIED INSTRUCTION - Skill progression varies by the individual! Each journey is unique and requires attention to detail on behalf of the instructor. I take my craft very seriously and this school is the manifestation of my Passion to Teach. Grow with me and become part of the community of pilots reaching new heights every day.  

"Learning to fly is a journey like no other. The process itself becomes an ongoing discipline wherein good judgment and applied knowledge become the gateway to a reality only imagined until now. Turning a dreamer into a skilled and capable pilot is one of my greatest joys in life!"

- Jordan

USHPA Tandem/Advanced PG Instructor
USPPA Tandem Instructor
PRESIDENT at Crestline Soaring Society

USHPA Tandem Administrator Region 3






Flying ultralights is a weather-dependent and seasonal activity. Please call or message for assistance with planning trips or setting dates.

Group discounts are available and with prior notice flights can be coordinated to launch around the same time!

Tel: 951.901.0995


San Bernardino Paragliding

Paragliding Lessons and Tandems

Tandem Coaching Sessions - $200
Must be USHPA certified P1-4
Thermal Training - Approach to Landing - Site Intro



5500 Ben Canyon Rd

San Bernardino, CA


Paragliding Lessons and Tandems in Southern California

FlyWithJordan operates from Andy Jackson Airpark in San Bernardino

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