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Anda Paraglider: A Beginner-Friendly and Remarkably Lightweight Hike-and-Fly Wing

The Anda paraglider by Bruce Goldsmith Design is a lightweight, life-loving little soul designed to be a companion spirit for hike-and-flyers, travelers, and escapees from the nine-to-five lifestyle. The word Anda means breathe or spirit in Icelandic, which is fitting for this paraglider. It is safe, comfortable, and compact enough to be carried in hand luggage, allowing you to confidently unpack it in new places and go exploring. This paraglider is designed for people who want to grab life by the horns, take the leap, and find adventure wherever they can.

The BGD Anda was developed as a lightweight EN-A wing that's beginner-friendly. It's a hike-and-fly wing that anyone can fly, and it is packable for traveling. This wing has great performance and fun handling, so you can ride the early-morning thermals, soar the sunset cliffs, or launch from a high mountain, safe in the knowledge you have a good reach to the landing. It would be a good first wing for a careful new pilot who enjoys hiking, but as with all lightweight wings, it needs to be treated with care.

The Anda paraglider comes in five sizes that accommodate all-up weights from 50kg to 130kg. The two smallest sizes come in under 3kg. The Anda has extended weight ranges, which means it can be flown at a higher wing loading than "standard," which is useful if you want to carry extra equipment to camp in the mountains, for example. The Anda is EN/LTF A in the standard and extended weight ranges, which implies inherent safety, but it will have slightly different flight characteristics.

In the standard weight range, the Anda has a good sink rate and thermalling ability, and turns will be easy and predictable, with the ability to float and turn flat in weak conditions. In the extended weight range, the wing loading is higher, so the glider will be faster and more dynamic. Handling will be more reactive, and it will be hard to stay up in weak conditions. This is typically used for mountain descents or soaring in higher winds.

BGD constructs the sail of the Anda para glider with double-coated Porcher Skytex 27, with now-proven longevity. The unsheathed Kevlar lines are the latest Edelrid Pro Dry, whose new treatment makes them 60% more water repellent. The Anda comes with soft links as standard – they are strong and light and avoid the hard points in the link between pilot and wing. Maintaining flexible materials from the riser through to the lines and up to the wing makes sense, as it is both lighter and more elegant. The risers are easy-handling 12mm Kevlar with lightly-padded handles and snap locks for the brakes.

Launch on the Anda paraglider is outstanding in all conditions, from tailwind to strong wind. Testers have particularly commented on how easily the Anda sits above your head on launch in light winds, and we've made sure it's forgiving of over-zealous pulling on the A's to make the launch super easy for beginners. The Anda's slow stall speed and hard brake pressure as you approach stall are real safety assets. It would be difficult to accidentally spin or stall the Anda, but if you do manage to, it will fly again very quickly.

To make packing stress-free, the Anda paraglider comes with a smaller compress bag just for it. It means the glider is very easy to pack, and you always end up with a sleek and compact package that slides into your rucksack of choice.

The Anda is not just a wing, it's a masterpiece of design and engineering. A culmination of the blood, sweat and tears of a dedicated R&D team who poured their hearts into creating the ultimate paragliding experience.

Every detail was meticulously thought out, every material handpicked to strike the perfect balance between weight and usability. And the result is a wing that is light as a feather, yet sturdy and durable enough to handle even the most challenging flying conditions.

Packing the Anda is a breeze, with its compact compress bag that slides effortlessly into your rucksack. And every time you take to the skies, you'll feel the rush of adrenaline and the pure joy of flying on a wing that was crafted with love and passion.

So if you're looking for the ultimate paragliding experience, look no further than the Anda. It's not just a wing, it's a work of art that will take your flying to new heights.

Ready to take the leap? Fly With Jordan is your ticket to the sky. Our team of experienced paragliding professionals will guide you through every step of the process, from answering your questions to giving you a firsthand demo of the incredible Anda Paraglider. We also stock the Base2, Base2 Lite, Epic2, Echo2, Luna2, Blizzard and many more models.

We are the only accredited BGD dealer in Southern California and would be glad to show you this amazing brand of paraglider technology. Trust us, once you experience the rush of flying these, you won't want to come back down to earth. So why wait? Contact us today to schedule your demo or purchase the Anda Paraglider and join us on the ultimate adventure. The sky's the limit with Fly With Jordan.



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